PUBG Mobile-First Anniversary- Updates and 1-year review

PUBG Mobile is going to release its new update as a 1st anniversary. PUBG Mobile was launched on 19th March 2017. And this march going to the first anniversary for PUBG MOBILE. So 0.11.5 is going to launch on 19th March 2017.

PUBG Mobile

All new updates for PUBG Mobile First Anniversary:

  • Three new legendary outfit
  • New lobby setting
  • New special area in Erangel to celebrate
  • Updates for waiting area

What is PUBG Mobile:  PUBG Mobile is the most famous multiplayer battle royal game which is now becoming the world best action battle royal game. The platforms of the games are pc, mobile, X-BOX, and now in ps4.     If you are already a player of PUBG we have 3 maps before this named as Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Now as a Christmas update or a gift the creators of PUBG has officially released their new map Vikendi on pc for test servers only. Now they are planning to launch the new map Vikendi very soon around this week in pc.


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