Pubg New Update – 2019 all updates

PUBG is now the biggest battle royale game on mobile. As we know we are now playing 0.12.0 version of Pubg mobile. Pubg has recently featured new zombies mode and so many new spring updates which are really amazing. Now In this Pubg New Update – 2019 all updates we are going to talking about all the upcoming updates that will be released in 2019.

PUBG (Player’sunknown Battleground) is the most famous multiplayer battle royal game which is now becoming the world best action battle royal game. The platforms of the games are pc, mobile, X-BOX, and now in ps4.

Pubg New Update – 2019 all updates (new updates)

1.vehicle and armor repairing kit in Pubg New Update – 2019 all updates:

As we know every armor we use for self-protection during the whole game like a vest, helmet. So basically this updates helps you to recover the damages during the game up to 75% of its total health. So that you don’t need to search for new armor and vehicle even after the damage you can reuse it by using this new vehicle and armor kit.

2. New rainbow features in Pubg New Update – 2019 all updates :

As we know the Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok have dynamic weather features with raining effect, fog and all so basically rainbow features will be appear after the rain in the sky. Basically, it will come to make a game more beautiful and realistic.

3. Friendly Fire :

Basically, friendly fire is a new update which is already in Pubg pc. In this update, if you fire your teammates it will also give them damage also they can be knocked out or can be killed. Before this only grenade can damage your teammates but in this update guns and even vehicle can damage. your teammates.

4. New weapons SVDM(a sniper rifle) :

It will use 7.62 ammo. And it has more damage than mini14 and Sks with 10 rounds without extended mag.

Pubg New Update - 2019 all updates, SVDM Specification



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